Our boutique size comes with big thinking. We bring big-firm expertise and international experience to the table. Our lawyers and consultants have a combined 50 years of experience in business law and a proven track record in large corporate transactions among various industries.

Greater than the sum of our careers.

Our origin is unique – it speaks to our values and client first approach. It also demonstrates that we don’t just talk the talk. After several years with Canada’s leading law firm, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, a legal conflict of interest arose between two key clients. With the cooperation and support of Blakes, we established Burke, Dos Remedios Law Corporation in order to continue to service and support those key clients. Maintaining a cooperative relationship with Blakes has also enabled us to continue serving other clients by acting as co-counsel for them with Blakes.

Our values have informed our decisions and cemented our reputation. Trust is our key currency, and our enduring client relationships are something we take pride in.

At Burke, Dos Remedios Law Corporation we are committed to providing our clients with the sophisticated expertise they need combined with the personal attention they value.